3 Truths And A Lie


It’s a┬ákids game. Tell three truths, three things about you and your history that are factually accurate, and one lie. See if your friends can tell which is the lie.

See if you can figure it out. Continue reading “3 Truths And A Lie”

Murder for 20 Years

“Killing a person will increase your life span by 20 years. It’s a high price to pay to continue living, but death is not so inviting that we do not pay.”

The mantra rang loudly in my head, as his blood ran down my arm.

“Killing a person will increase your life span by 20 years.” Continue reading “Murder for 20 Years”

One More Light Year, Part Two

(This is Part Two of the story. Be sure to read Part One.)

The idea of murder didn’t really bother me when I was still on Earth. Talk of this mission seemed largely hypothetical. If something happens, and such and such occurs, then…

But it wasn’t hypothetical anymore. I had my orders, even though they would damn me forever. I was a solider, and I would do what I was told. Continue reading “One More Light Year, Part Two”

The Friar Game

I’d been called to a lot of strange crime scenes in my day. Weird ones, ones where the body is mutilated. Ones where the cause of death was so unclear that we walked away with dozens of possible murder weapons.

But those were always in the city. Once or twice a small town or hamlet would have a bizarre murder that needed a pro’s help. But still, I’ve never been called out to the desert before. Continue reading “The Friar Game”

Sunny Days No More

There had been a murder.

They called me in. It wasn’t my usual neighborhood, but I owed the Captain a favor. When I got there, I knew I wasn’t at home. This was a friendly neighborhood. Well lit. Windows left open. Cars without bats on the steering wheels. Here, people trusted other people.

I made my way past the police tape. Every cop there stared at me. They were all dressing in their finest outfits. Me, in my beaten up trench coat and fedora.

Couldn’t wait to get out of here.

And then I saw it. The victim. Continue reading “Sunny Days No More”

One More Light Year

“One more light year, Captain, and we’ll be the furthest from Earth any human has ever been.”

“Yes, thank you Lieutenant.”

I don’t know why she was so excited about it. One more light year and then what? People will travel further than this in three weeks time. We are the scout ship. We go out first and assess the potential danger and investigate any possible benefits of this sector of space.

Oh, who am I kidding? I know the truth. All these astronauts will dead with 24 hours. Continue reading “One More Light Year”

Alternate Me

Whenever you get a chill, what goes through your mind?

Man, it’s cold in here.
I should have put on a sweater.
Why are they running the air conditioning?

It is usually something like that isn’t it?
Why? Because we assume that if we are feeling something here and now, the cause must be found in the hear and now. Cause and effect, right?

We are such a small minded species. So limited in our understanding. See, when you get a chill, not when you cold, but when you get a spontaneous chill up your spine. When you do that little wiggle and people look at you funny. When you say, “Just a chill”, that isn’t cause by something here. Continue reading “Alternate Me”

A Deadly Blow


I sneezed.

I didn’t think it was a big deal when I went to wipe my nose on my sleeve. Gross, I know, but I didn’t have a kleenex or tissue of any kind. As my sleeve cleaned everything, I looked around to see it anyone had responded to my sneeze.

I wouldn’t call my sneezes ‘monstrously loud’ like my sister says. Nor would I call them ‘the mating call of dying elephants in the desert’ like my cubical co-worker does. They can be loud, but no louder than anyone else’s. No different than anyone else’s sneeze. Continue reading “A Deadly Blow”

Murder, With An Unfrozen Briefcase

The detective drove up the blustery road. What a lousy day to be heading north for a murder case. The wind was howling, the snow blanketing everything in sight until it wasn’t.

The detective continued on through the white towards the little hamlet of Waskesiu Lake. It was a small town in one of the northern most parks in Saskatchewan. There wasn’t much to motivate someone to head up that way. Maybe the fishing or the quiet scenery. But on this winter morning it was a something else. Continue reading “Murder, With An Unfrozen Briefcase”

Trouble In the Fog

He would kill the wandering stranger, but this Dan did not yet know.

Though he was worried about the sea of fog surrounding his truck, he tried not to show it. He didn’t want to give Gia the impression that he was a coward. They had spend a wonderful evening together, one that he didn’t want to spoil by being overly cautious. Continue reading “Trouble In the Fog”