NASA Off A Budget


In the years of the Trump Administration, NASA suffered. Not that President Trump didn’t want to sent Americans into space. He rather fancied the idea of the Great Nation of America spreading it’s wings and conquering more territory.

But in his quest to “Make America Great Again”, he severed all the ties that NASA had made with other nations and their space programs. China backed out. India went solo, creating their own space station. Russia did open their doors to American astronauts, but no one wanted to go with the Cosmonauts. That only raised more political tension and global uncertainty. Continue reading “NASA Off A Budget”

Beneath The Surface, Part Three

(Be sure to read Parts One and Two before you read this.)

“Monsters? Really Grandpa?”

The cancer had gotten the better of him. There was no way that the US government was spending billions upon billions of dollars trying to flee to the stars because they were scared of monsters in the sea. These were clearly the delusions of a man suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. Continue reading “Beneath The Surface, Part Three”

Beneath The Surface, Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One before you read this.)

“What was under the surface Grandpa?”

“Do we have any chips? I need some potato chips.”

I slumped back. Great, I thought to myself. His train of thought had jumped from one track to another, without skipping a beat. Thanks cancer. Grandpa says something interesting and now I may never figure out what he was talking about. Continue reading “Beneath The Surface, Part Two”

Beneath The Surface, Part One

“Why isn’t NASA or some other exploration organization exploring the oceans?”

“Grandpa, you need to stop it with your conspiracies.”

“They are not conspiracies. And if you would listen for half a second, you might actually learn something.”

I was tired of this. Grandpa was losing his mind. Conspiracy theories were just the latest episode in his battle with brain cancer. The cancer had started eating away at the memory portion of his brain, then began releasing chemicals and toxins into others. The doctors said that this was why he suddenly went off the deep end. Continue reading “Beneath The Surface, Part One”