A Future Email – Part Two

(Be sure to read Part One here.)

I hit “send” and the familiar whoosh sound announced that my email was sent. The email that I wrote to my future self. I waited a moment before I went about doing any other work, fully expecting an automated response to come back saying that the email couldn’t be delivered.

I waited, took a sip of my coffee. I leaned back in my chair and stretched. I wondered if Al from accounting had updated the fantasy football pool. I leaned back into my computer to message him. There was an email notification. Continue reading “A Future Email – Part Two”

A Future Email

At the beginning of every work day, I receive an email.

That isn’t anything out of the ordinary for most people. I’m sure for just about everyone with an office job, there are hundreds of emails waiting for them as soon as they get to their cubicle. But mine are a bit different. The email I receive is always from myself, my future self. Continue reading “A Future Email”