Galactic Problems

“Species of the Galactic Council, please take your peace.”

The shuffle of feet, hooves, tentacles, and other appendages could be heard throughout the auditorium, somewhat drowning out the other language translations of the announcement. The first session of this annual meeting was about to begin. While not the first session of its history, this would be the first time that the human species was involved in an official capacity.

The announcement was made in English first for our benefit, as was the tradition when new species joined the Galactic Council. Ours would be the 45th galactic species to sign the Galactic Council’s legislation, but we were hesitant. Continue reading “Galactic Problems”

Don’t Count Your Chickens

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

This is an old saying, one that Theodore had heard all his life. And as he grew up on a farm, he understood it, literally. When Theodore was 5 years old, his father had asked him to take care of the chickens; 37 chickens, to be exact. One morning, Theodore went out to check on the chickens and found 41 eggs. He thought it an odd number, which it was, but proceeded to tell his family and his friends about the soon-to-be 41 chicks he would be monitoring, atop his regular 37 chickens.  Continue reading “Don’t Count Your Chickens”

A Historic Class Drop


“The less you know about this, the better. Just drop the subject…”

Wilhelm slumped in his seat. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“…and pick a different class.”

All Wilhelm had wanted was to take the intro to political sciences class in his senior year of high school, and now had to listen to his guidance counselor shut him down. It was a critical part of his 5 year plan. Take this class, graduate with honors, get an internship at the governor’s office, work his way up through the ranks until he got a paid job working with one of the most powerful men in the country. In the 15 to 20 year plan, there was a transition from governor’s aid to governor himself, but that wasn’t going to be possible now.

“So, what class do you want? Woodworking, Native American History, Cosmetology, or Advanced Arch welding?”

Why couldn’t he take Intro to Political Science?


“Uhh, sorry Ms. Cranthorn. Why can’t I take the class? Is it full?”

“No, it’s not, but I can’t let you take it.”

“But why? I need…”

Mr. Cranthorn barked, “It’s because I know something you don’t know. You can’t take that class.”

Superpower Presidential Debate

“The next question is for Mr. Lucas, and after his answer, you may respond Mr. O’Leary.
“Mr. Lucas, as a man with superhuman strength and skin that cannot be pierced or damaged, how do plan on dealing with threats of terror on our soil? For example, the issue facing Boston, The Fist of English Justice.

“Thank you, Mrs. Dupont. That is a very good question and one that I have thought long and hard about. As an American citizen first, it would be my job as President to ensure that all of us are safe. No one should be fearful of what happens in their home. As President, I would not let fear mongering prevail in our home.
“As a powered individual, I would use my strength and invulnerability as a symbol for the people being effected by terrorism to rally around. I would become a symbol of stability and hope, just as the Presidential Seal is a seal of strength and authority. Those that participate in terrorist activities will know full well where I stand, and who I am standing up for.”

“Mr. O’Leary, your response to what Mr. Lucas has just said. And how would you, as a man with unique vision powers, deal with the same terrorist threats on American soil?” Continue reading “Superpower Presidential Debate”

The Last POTUS

Today will be a day that will live forever in the minds of the America people, a day that will stand as the last page in a long chapter in our political history. And with the stepping down of President Barack Obama, the start of a new chapter.

In a press conference, Obama announced the dissolving of the President of The United States of America. Never again will such a political office exist in this nation.

While these words shook the American people to their core, they could not disagree with what the Last President had to say.

“While the seat of the President has long stood as the pinnacle of power for the American people, it has become a redundant seat in our political structure. We have Senators. We have Supreme Court judges. We have Governors and numerous different offices working to serve the America people in the best way that they know how.

“So why complicate it further? Why add to the red tape and political turmoil that we suffer through everyday?

“Why not alleviate the burden on the people by removing a large financial blackhole? Why not eliminate a figurehead that only signs things or brings in bills that Senators or Governors already want to see passed?

“I believe that removing the position of President can give back the people the equal power and responsibility that they so crave and they so need to grab hold of. Removing the burden from one individual’s shoulders, and giving it to the millions of brilliant and able bodied citizens of this great nation, will empower and give us what we all what our of our government: one made of the people, by the people, for the people.

“It is with the irradiation of the Seat of the President, that I bring to a close the long chapter of irresponsibility in our political system and in our private sectors. Now, you are in charge. You, your governors, your senators, your Supreme Court Justices, you all have the power to shape America in the nation you are proud of, not just one man’s idea. Not just my vision of America, but our collective, powerful vision of America.

“While there will be great backlash, there will be refusal to accept this as reality, this is a plan that has been in motion for some time, and will happen. The baton of power will not be pasted from one President to another come the New Year. Rather I will pass the baton of power and responsibility up to you America.

“This will be my final act as President, and the last act of all the Presidents of the United States of America. The empowering of the people, through a peoples’ government, just as our forefather Abraham Lincoln would have wanted.

“Thank you all, and God bless America.”

With that the Last President stepped down from the podium,. It was a powerful and moving speech, the last of its kind.

What will come in the New Year? What will the face of this New America look like? Only time will tell what we will do with such great power and great responsibility.

When The Aliens Did Arrive…

It wasn’t that long ago that humanity was fascinated with the prospect of meeting aliens. Strange worlds and fantastic new technologies would suddenly propel us into a new age. We all dreamt about it, thought about it. We put it into our movies, our story books. There were religions that focused and centered on the idea of aliens coming to Earth. We wondered if they would be friends or foes. We wondered and wondered, but we never expected this.

The aliens came with news of strange worlds and fantastic technology. And then the politicians spoke. If humanity loathed the bureaucratic red tape before, things were about to get worse. Continue reading “When The Aliens Did Arrive…”

Public Speaking Disaster

Stephen was excited. This was it. It was almost time for his speech.

He had often imaged how it would go. He would give a rousing talk about how the city needed to be more frugal with its money. He’d address the growing homelessness problem with innovative housing projects that would also deal with the different empty buildings in the downtown area. He would conclude with an authoritative call to arms, to band together for the good and glory of their city.

Stephen knew he would nail it. Continue reading “Public Speaking Disaster”