Earth Day, Part Two

(Read Part One here.)

I’ve been living on this god-forsaken rock for my entire life. Same as my mom. Dad, no idea. He left long ago. Mom says that he was needed for some science expedition.

Just another lie she tells me to keep me sane, or under control, or something. I don’t fully understand what her method of child rearing is. Most of the time it’s just a lot of yelling and screaming, followed by a few corn beer bottles hurdled my direction. Continue reading “Earth Day, Part Two”

Earth Day

Earth Day was once a day of celebration. Once.

We would look to the beauty and wonder of this planet and marvel. We would be awestruck by the design of the radical randomness of it all, and pay some overdue respect to our home. We would proclaim the need to do better by the Earth and its resources. We talked about clean energies and reducing our carbon footprint and evidence of our pollutant ways. Continue reading “Earth Day”