Prayer – Part Four

(This is Part 4 of the story. Make sure you read Parts 1, 2, and 3 first.)


“My Lord, I am but your messenger. Those You have created ask if cats will be in heaven. I only repeat what they pray.”

“Sigh. I know, good Gabriel. I know.”

Heaven is a place of great music, O new Citizen of Heaven. Choirs sing songs in colours you have not seen. Seraphim dance a holy dance that brings joy to the hearer. But there are times when there is silence. Not a pause between song or dance, but a silence. Everyone, everything, every heavenly creature¬†ceases all they are doing. Continue reading “Prayer – Part Four”

Prayer – Part Three

(This is Part Three of our story. Be sure to read Part One and Part Two.)

“Lord, there is one prayer that seems to be repeated over and over again.”

“Hmm, what is that Gabriel?”

“There is a sick boy, a baby. Hardly two weeks old. They are asking for healing, for restoration, for your divine intervention.”

“Hmmm.” Continue reading “Prayer – Part Three”

Prayer – Part Two

(This is Part Two of the story. If you haven’t read Part One, click here now.)

“Don’t you think that cats should get into heaven, God?”

“That isn’t the issue Gabriel. You know that.” Continue reading “Prayer – Part Two”


“Alright, who’s next?”

“Ummm…okay….we’ve got a few kids asking for that exclusive Pokemon character to appear in their bedrooms, so that they will have “caught them all”.

“Why are they so fascinated with these imaginary characters? Are the real life creatures that I created out of words no longer interesting to anyone?” Continue reading “Prayer”