My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Five

I don’t know how Salanth knew the things that she taught me. I didn’t think to ask at the time, but now the thought haunts me. As a child, I didn’t ask how old my life companion was when I received her. I assumed that she was also a baby. But there is no way a thirty year old dragon could have mastered all the things that she taught me… Continue reading “My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Five”

My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Four

(Make sure you’ve read Parts One, Two, and Three before you read this.)

“Meal time, kid killer!”

The guard yelled as he thrust a plate of slop through the door. It was hardly a meal. Watered down porridge, a dried piece of bread, and the body of a cockroach.


I couldn’t see his face, but I could imagine the toothless grin he had. He thought he was clever, trying to gross out a child with a dead bug in her food. And for most kids, it would have worked.

But then, I wasn’t most kids. Continue reading “My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Four”

My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Three

(Be sure to check out Parts One and Two before reading this next chapter.)

My childhood was like any other.

I went to school. I did my homework. I got picked on for being different, for having red eyes. But that is where my story takes a hard turn, differing greatly from everyone else’s. By the second grade, I was imprisoned for the multiple murders of my classmates. Continue reading “My Life Companion Meant The World’s Death, Part Three”

No Trouble

The cell doors slowly opened in time with a loud, piercing horn. The only thing more irritating than the horn was the grumble of seventy-one ill-tempered inmates. The seventy-second inmate, the one who never grumbled, lowered himself from his top bunk, careful to avoid his bulky cell mate. 72 followed Bulky out of their cell and lined up on his side of their cell door. Their actions were mirrored by every other cell on the block. Thirty-six sets of inmates. Continue reading “No Trouble”

In The Black I Found Two Children

I wonder how many people have started writing down the strange goings on in their lives, and expected them to become a lens into our history.

I pray that mine is never used as such. For I fear what I am recording, and to see these pages turned into a reminder of days gone by can only mean that the worst has indeed happened.
My name is Alfred Graham. I am a prison guard at XCorp’s High Security Containment Facility. Most people know it as The Great Hole, the place the worst of humanities’ criminals are sent. Present and future, powered and normies, all of them get stuck in here.

Yesterday, I was assigned a new post. I had been part of the Dining Hall Army, but The Chief wanted me elsewhere. He personally picked me and assigned me to my new post. Wow an honour, really. But not the post.

I am now the door guard for the most secure part of the The Great Hole, a place they call The Black. The isolation chambers, home to the worst of the worst.

I found out who they were; a 4 year old boy, and his 6 year old sister.