I Made A Mistake, Part Three

(Be sure to read Part One and Two before you read Three.)

I was alone with my thoughts. Kyle had left hours ago, but I remained sitting in my living room, unmoved.

What was I going to do about Tabitha?

My word, my honour, my reputation, even my future political career were on the line. If I didn’t follow through on this promise, I would have nothing.

But if I married her…I would have dead cats filling my house. Continue reading “I Made A Mistake, Part Three”

A Teenage Love Letter


To: My Sweetheart

Subject: How you swept into my life, consumed my mind, and stole my heart

Dearest Ophelia,

How long has it been since I had seen your sweet face…

I just looked up from my computer and saw you sitting two seats away from me. Continue reading “A Teenage Love Letter”

Secretly In Love


If James was in love, you wouldn’t know it. He still walked around, draped in black, hands cemented in his pockets. Nothing about his exterior gave the impression that he ever wanted to have contact with the outside world. He didn’t look up at the barista when he ordered his coffee. He didn’t make eye contact when the old lady sneezed on him at the cross walk. He kept on marching to the beat of his own dark drum, until he vanished into the abyss of his bedroom. Continue reading “Secretly In Love”

Murderous Love in New York City

She assassinated politicians, he was NYPD.

It was one of those forbidden romances that would never last, and Agatha knew it. Her commanding officer had even said as much in her briefing meeting that morning.

” Agent A, what is this I hear about you cavorting with a member of the New York Police? You do understand why that would be bad for your cover and the entirety of our operation.”

“Yes, Commander. I understand, but Colin…” Continue reading “Murderous Love in New York City”