Accidently Pregnant – Part Two


(Make sure you read Part One before you read more of the story.)

The truth is, I took my haz-suit off after school. It was stupid, a dare, one that will haunt me forever now.

Since the pregnancy epidemic began, all educational institutions became segregated. Not blacks and whites segregated like my nan lived through. This was boys and girls segregated. Don’t even start me on the issue with transgender and intersex people. Fine, I’ll say it. They get blackbagged. Continue reading “Accidently Pregnant – Part Two”

Accidently Pregnant


My nan hasn’t left the house in 8 years. She refuses to wear the haz-suit. Says that we weren’t meant to live like this. The world was meant to be touched and felt, to be rubbed up against. But those were the old days, I tell her. The world isn’t the same as it once was.

I wish I did live in that world, the world of old. A world where a girl had to have sex to get pregnant. Now, pregnancy is contagious. Continue reading “Accidently Pregnant”

Canada’s Secret History: Chapter One

Everyone talks about how Canada is such a “chill” or “cool” country.

We are laid back. We don’t make a fuss about anything. We aren’t wound tight like our neighbors in the States. The United States of America, the trigger happy freedom fighters of the world, think that they have a handle on what is happening in the world. They assume that they are in control or have a handle on the issues with their different government institutions. They have the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and another dozen letter groups doing everything that they can to protect and fight whatever enemy they chose.

The problem is they aren’t effective. These agencies don’t get the job done. Everyone knows about them. Everyone knows what to look for, or who to look for. This is largely because of Hollywood and the, unfortunately, accurate portrayal of its inner workings. And with these portrayals come the reality of how inept and ill-suited to the world issues these agencies are. The FBI, CIA, or NSA aren’t actually doing anything productive. They aren’t policing a single thing.

The people that actually are policing the world are the “chill” and “cool” ones. Continue reading “Canada’s Secret History: Chapter One”

Almost Last Words


“If you are watching this tape…well…I’ve passed on.

“I know that you are sad. I know that you are hurt and broken. I know that you are missing me terribly.

“Kathy, I know you are upset and wishing you could have been here to fix me. It’s okay. I know you are a busy girl. You always have been.

“Jonathan, I know you are feeling burdened, like you have to suddenly fill my shoes and take over the farm. Don’t. You follow your dreams.

“My beautiful Samantha, I know you are crushed and really don’t want to be watching this right now, but please, hear my last words.

“First, I love you. I love all of you. My gorgeous bride, my two beautiful children. Never have I loved so deeply and passionately and wholly, as I love you three. My love did not change when we fought, or when we disagreed. And now that death has parted us, I know still, my love for you is the same, and yours for me.

“I would say that is the most important thing I have to say, but I have a secret to share. Something that may bring me back.”

A Top Secret Fort

There is much that the Canadian Government does not what you to know.

They do not want you to know that there is another government agency, similar to CSIS, an equally powerful secret agency that lingers in the shadows and does its work in the dark space of our society.

Likewise, they do not want you to know that there are numerous top secret government bases that litter the Canadian countryside. Little secret forts for who knows what kind of ungodly experiments or inhuman torturous exploitation.

For decades, the Canadian public has been kept in the dark. But this reporter was not satisfied with that, so I took it upon myself to locate and uncover one off these top secret government bases. And what I found was both astonishing and deeply disturbing.

What follows is not for the faint of heart.

We begin our story in the small Saskatchewan town of Biggar. A larger farming center in the breadbasket of Canada, but a forgettable place for those merely passing through. But that is not what the Canadian government thought when it decided to establish a secret military government base there. In their collective eye, this was a perfect breeding ground.

A Family Secret

My father passed away.

As everyone walked past our family, giving their condolences, I saw something odd. A large group of men, dressed with bright red turbans standing outside the church, as if they were waiting for something.

Then I saw them again at the burial sight. They didn’t stand close to the casket, but close enough that they could probably hear everything that was being said. After the priest dismissed everyone, I stayed behind. I wanted a minute to say good bye to my father alone.

Apparently, so did the red turbaned gentlemen. Continue reading “A Family Secret”