Human Soul Found – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One before continuing.)

The human soul was found six months ago, and scientists now say they are only scratching the surface with all the information that they have discovered.

Researchers at John Hopkins University took a wildly different approach to medicine, theorizing that a patient’s ‘spiritual’ condition could adversely affect their physical health. Dr. Sung Holl, the lead research on this project said that since their last televised report more has been discovered, and even more questions have been raised. Continue reading “Human Soul Found – Part Two”

A Look Into My Soul

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.

What happens when you can’t look into your own eyes? What does that say about your soul?

You might say, look in a mirror. I would, but I’m a vampire. Continue reading “A Look Into My Soul”

Human Soul Found

Scientists have discovered the human soul and found that it is a horrifying thing.

Researchers at John Hopkins University has made a miraculous breakthrough in the field of medicine, namely, discovering the human soul.

Lead researcher, Dr. Sung Holl, said this in an official statement.

“We started with the idea that people’s “spiritual” condition may adversely affect their physical health. Continue reading “Human Soul Found”

I Walked Through A Mirror

I found my inner void exposed.┬áSomething that I had kept hidden now surrounded me. How this had happened I could not explain. So unreal was what I saw that I could not speak out of a wretched awe and horror. My sickness and depravity was played out before my eyes. Continue reading “I Walked Through A Mirror”