The Coffee Planet – Part Two

(Make sure you read Part One.)

The TimStar Rebellion began as most rebellions do, with death.

The Galactic Queen had served for nearly 100 years. Her body was old and frail. Though the technology existed to repair her, to let her endure for many more years, she decided to let it all go. She slipped away peacefully in her sleep, or so the propaganda told us. Continue reading “The Coffee Planet – Part Two”

One Item – Part Two

I looked down at my one item. It was the only personal item that I was allowed to bring with me. Nothing else in this giant spaceship belongs to me. Everything is stamped with ‘NASA’ or ‘Roscosmos’. Amazing that the US and Russia could work on anything, but depressing that in the face of global death they felt the need to keep the pissing contest going.

The state of world affairs grieved my heart. Maybe that was why I was leaving, taking this giant risk to save humanity. Maybe my life, death or sacrifice would catapult the human race into a better place. Continue reading “One Item – Part Two”

NASA Off A Budget


In the years of the Trump Administration, NASA suffered. Not that President Trump didn’t want to sent Americans into space. He rather fancied the idea of the Great Nation of America spreading it’s wings and conquering more territory.

But in his quest to “Make America Great Again”, he severed all the ties that NASA had made with other nations and their space programs. China backed out. India went solo, creating their own space station. Russia did open their doors to American astronauts, but no one wanted to go with the Cosmonauts. That only raised more political tension and global uncertainty. Continue reading “NASA Off A Budget”

A Modern Myth For Our Modern Universe

In the beginning, there was nothing, only The Twins. On the left was Logos. On the right, Pathos. The two lived in harmony, each letting the other do as they wished. But the space before the universe was born remained empty. Continue reading “A Modern Myth For Our Modern Universe”

One More Light Year, Part Two

(This is Part Two of the story. Be sure to read Part One.)

The idea of murder didn’t really bother me when I was still on Earth. Talk of this mission seemed largely hypothetical. If something happens, and such and such occurs, then…

But it wasn’t hypothetical anymore. I had my orders, even though they would damn me forever. I was a solider, and I would do what I was told. Continue reading “One More Light Year, Part Two”

5,994 in 7 Seconds

Okay guys. Blake here. Crazy update.

You know I’ve always been a huge space nerd, but this is the most insane thing I have seen. Not a picture or a sound file, but a website.

Hear me out before you click away.


Click the link. Continue reading “5,994 in 7 Seconds”

Earth Day, Part Two

(Read Part One here.)

I’ve been living on this god-forsaken rock for my entire life. Same as my mom. Dad, no idea. He left long ago. Mom says that he was needed for some science expedition.

Just another lie she tells me to keep me sane, or under control, or something. I don’t fully understand what her method of child rearing is. Most of the time it’s just a lot of yelling and screaming, followed by a few corn beer bottles hurdled my direction. Continue reading “Earth Day, Part Two”

The First Landing

Day 147

We have arrived. I almost thought we would be lost in space forever at the rate things were going, but no, we are here.

The captain is trying to keep everyone low key. “Just because we found the planet doesn’t mean that we have accomplished anything yet.”

He is right, probe found this planet almost a hundred years ago, but for us to survive the long journey, and actually see it with our own eyes… Continue reading “The First Landing”

Annoying Customer

I just wanted to throttle him. Punch him right in his face. Hit him in the stomach.

It wasn’t that his voice was annoyingly high pitched. It wasn’t that his foreign accent made him that difficult to understand. I didn’t even have a problem with him as a human being on any level that others have deemed hate worthy. The reason I wanted this guy in pain was more primal than anything else in the universe.

He was in my space. Continue reading “Annoying Customer”

A Space Ghost

“Houston, this Lt. White signing off.”

“Alright, White. Signing off. See you in 5.”

I pushed myself away from the computer screen and towards my bunk. I really needed some shut eye. It had been a long day. A space walk. A near power outage. And then a 3 hour debriefing with NASA. I know they are worried about us and what is happening with this new space station. But, blah, I need sleep. Continue reading “A Space Ghost”