It is relatively easy to imagine Jude Law as a spy. He’s good looking, athletic (as athletic as any actor really is), and knows how to point a gun and look like he means business. The same goes for Jason Statham and Morena Baccarin.

The one who doesn’t is Melissa McCarthy, which is why the idea of her being a spy makes for an interesting movie.¬†And it is, for the most part. I just wish that there would have been a things that they would have done differently. A couple little tweaks and it would be a much better movie in my opinion.

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Canada’s Secret History: Chapter One

Everyone talks about how Canada is such a “chill” or “cool” country.

We are laid back. We don’t make a fuss about anything. We aren’t wound tight like our neighbors in the States. The United States of America, the trigger happy freedom fighters of the world, think that they have a handle on what is happening in the world. They assume that they are in control or have a handle on the issues with their different government institutions. They have the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and another dozen letter groups doing everything that they can to protect and fight whatever enemy they chose.

The problem is they aren’t effective. These agencies don’t get the job done. Everyone knows about them. Everyone knows what to look for, or who to look for. This is largely because of Hollywood and the, unfortunately, accurate portrayal of its inner workings. And with these portrayals come the reality of how inept and ill-suited to the world issues these agencies are. The FBI, CIA, or NSA aren’t actually doing anything productive. They aren’t policing a single thing.

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A Secret Message

Your mission, should you choose to….

That was what came to mind when Jayne thought about secret messages. Spies, international travel, bad guys, crazy inventions, basically James Bond in real life. But what Jayne had found was something else. It lacked the slickness of any British secret servicemen. This was much more heartfelt and gut wrenching.

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