One Item – Part Two

I looked down at my one item. It was the only personal item that I was allowed to bring with me. Nothing else in this giant spaceship belongs to me. Everything is stamped with ‘NASA’ or ‘Roscosmos’. Amazing that the US and Russia could work on anything, but depressing that in the face of global death they felt the need to keep the pissing contest going.

The state of world affairs grieved my heart. Maybe that was why I was leaving, taking this giant risk to save humanity. Maybe my life, death or sacrifice would catapult the human race into a better place. Continue reading “One Item – Part Two”

The First Landing

Day 147

We have arrived. I almost thought we would be lost in space forever at the rate things were going, but no, we are here.

The captain is trying to keep everyone low key. “Just because we found the planet doesn’t mean that we have accomplished anything yet.”

He is right, probe found this planet almost a hundred years ago, but for us to survive the long journey, and actually see it with our own eyes… Continue reading “The First Landing”

One Item – Part One

I’m alone.
It’s just me, my one item, and an 85 million dollar spaceship on a one-way trip. I hope that I will be able to return, but I realize that what I’m doing has a very small chance that I’ll succeed and make it back. The percentage was so small the administration simply said, “You’ll never come back.”

I’m alone.
It’s just me, my one item, and all the hopes and dreams of a dying planet. Continue reading “One Item – Part One”