The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part Three

I had suspected that I would see Dr. Terribleman soon. If he was indeed transforming from villain to hero, I would see him in the city doing something incredible heroic to prove himself. We all did that when we started out. Imagine my surprise when he was doing nothing like that.

At the top of Woodhaven Tower, Terribleman stood on a black cloud and was screaming. His hair had turned white. His lab coat was gone. Instead he wore a silver kilt with golden edging. His gizmos and gadgets were replaced by a tall sceptre with a snake coiled to the top. Continue reading “The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part Three”

The Good Bad Guy

“Alright Doctor Von Horrif, you have won. You have defeated the superheroes of the world. You have disabled the world’s defenses. We have nothing to throw at you anymore. You effectively rule the world.”

“Yes I do.”

The President looked around at the rest of the United Nations delegates. What were they going to do? A villain had won. And now they were under his authority. What evil and depraved thing would he command them to do?

“So what do you want now?” someone shouted from the back.

“A very good question, my global territory leaders.”

He rose from his makeshift throne to make his declarations.

“First, and effective immediately, we are destroying all coal power plants on the earth. This violent pollutant needs to be stopped.” Continue reading “The Good Bad Guy”

A Western Hero’s Journey

Yea, I stole his woman.

He weren’t no good to her anyway. A woman like that deserve to be treated special. And there were no way that Nathaniel Brooks were treating that woman right.

So I done what any man woulda done.

I shot him in the chest. Then I took his woman. Continue reading “A Western Hero’s Journey”

The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part One

“Welcome to the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs. My name is Tracey, how can I help you?”

“Uhh, hi Tracey. I was wondering if I could apply for a conversion?”

“Absolutely. Now, may I ask who’s calling?”

“Sigh. Dr. Terribleman, nemesis of Captain Star.” Continue reading “The Bureau Of Superhuman Affairs – Part One”

New Year’s Resolution Busted

Sad Man

I’m a failure.

It has been 30 days into this year and I have already completely botched up my New Year’s Resolution. I have tried to stick with it. I have followed all the helpful hints that the Internet has for me. I have given myself pep talks, encouraged myself to the point of inflating my head with ego. I have downloaded every app and read every blog that there is on the subject.

And still, 30 days later, and I am not further ahead than I was on January 1st. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolution Busted”