3 Truths And A Lie


It’s a┬ákids game. Tell three truths, three things about you and your history that are factually accurate, and one lie. See if your friends can tell which is the lie.

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The Forgotten Warrior

My master told me to wait here, in the Mystic Mountains of Ki Uno. I had done that faithfully since that day. I was but a young man. Foolish, lacking any wisdom, but filled with a determination to honour my master and raise my family name out of the ashes.

He said, “Stay here. Wait for my instruction before you move on.”

“How long will that be?” My impatience then fills me with shame now.

“Again, you ask the wrong question, my apprentice.” Continue reading “The Forgotten Warrior”

Who Were You Before The War?

“Who were you before the war?”

“Gosh, I don’t even remember before the war anymore. It’s been so long.”

There was a heavy pause before the Sergeant shared his story. The entire squad moved in a little closer. There had been an air of mystery about their leader since they left the Great Hole. He hadn’t shared anything about himself, not even his first name. They called him Sergeant, that was it. Continue reading “Who Were You Before The War?”