I Sat By The Sea


I sat by the sea, and tried to forget. But the longer I stared upon the deep, the more my mind desired to dwell on that which I wanted to forget. Continue reading “I Sat By The Sea”

Beneath The Surface, Part Three

(Be sure to read Parts One and Two before you read this.)

“Monsters? Really Grandpa?”

The cancer had gotten the better of him. There was no way that the US government was spending billions upon billions of dollars trying to flee to the stars because they were scared of monsters in the sea. These were clearly the delusions of a man suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. Continue reading “Beneath The Surface, Part Three”

The Strangest Stuff

I woke up this morning and that was the last normal thing I did today.

I looked over at my nightstand. There used to be an alarm clock, but instead sat a monkey. Not a real life monkey, but one of those monkey’s with the cymbals. It looked like a creepy toy from the horror movies. It’s smile make me shriek. Thank God I was alone, because it was loud and girly.

I pulled myself up in my bed, continually staring at the monkey. It felt like it was watching me, moving its eyes wherever mine went. Why was it there? Who put it there?

Rubbing my eyes, I went to put my feet on the floor. There was no carpet there to tickle my toes. Water, there was water in the place of my carpet. Bewildered I looked down. No, the carpet was there. But it felt like water.

What was going on?

I glanced around the room to see what else was wrong. First, a monkey, then carpet that felt like water. I couldn’t imagine what I would find next. But I found it. Standing in the corner by the door was a darkened figure.

“It’s about time.”

A Girl Without A Father

She longed for a present father. From deep with her soul, this longing came, and she wasn’t sure how long it had been there. Maybe it started when her biological father abandoned her for the drink, realizing that it was easy to slip into a bottle than into the role of a little girl’s daddy. It could have started with her mother’s string of lovers, when they displayed contempt for the little girl as she gingerly poked them in the morning, asking, “Can you get me some milk?” Continue reading “A Girl Without A Father”